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Sexy Photo, by Author Clive Worth,


by worthalot 11 Jun 2008

This sexy photo has got me a lot of laughs when my friends call to see me to ask me if I got any spare women for them, I date and chat with so many because there are times when I have to many, so I pass some on to my friends but what I do is show this photo to them and they get all exited until I tell them it is a man, ha, ha, Google Me, Clive Worth but there are 4 Google searches of me, My 100,000 lovers, Clive Worth News, Clive Worth blogs and Clive Worth, people who know me are shocked with the turnaround in my life as I was over 8 years ago an alcoholic, also left school with no qualifications, even struggled to read and write because dyslexic was not know then back in 1965, yet now I am an Author with a book out, (A Serial Shaggers guide to Internet dating), as well as being on TV all over the world with my documentary that has gone 3 times around the world, (My 100,000 lovers),


Harry Enfield - Tory Boy

Harry Enfield - Tory Boy

Harry Enfield's Tory Boy at the breakfast table. (more...)

by RetroDiva

04 Aug 2010



by albie23

10 Nov 2009
Drunk on the Job

Drunk on the Job

The video clip is from a Russian news programme. There was an accident at a coal... (more...)

by Dolly22

23 Aug 2010


FLIPPING (more...)

by albie23

09 Nov 2009


Blind (more...)

by paul1

11 Sep 2009
Devil Colony A Sigma Force Novel by James Rollins

Devil Colony A Sigma Force Nov...

Deep in the Rocky Mountains, a gruesome discovery—hundreds of mummified bodies—s... (more...)

by cosproductions

05 Apr 2012
uncle baba and trouble with the other cleaner.....

uncle baba and trouble with th...

uncle baba has a cleaning job...but someone is already (more...)


19 Jan 2010
VW Passat DARTH Vader Extended Version

VW Passat DARTH Vader Extended...

VW Passat Darth Vader Extended version. (more...)

by RetroDiva

02 Jun 2011
Certified Madman

Certified Madman mrpregnant mr pregnant mr.pregnant mr,pregnant mr_p... (more...)

by mrpregnant

29 Sep 2009
The Apparition

The Apparition

Was it just light on the window or was it more? (more...)


11 Oct 2010