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Xmas 2009


by reeceward 17 Dec 2009

Due to the current economic climate and to also do our bit to help combat global warming, we decided not to print our Christmas Card this year... saves on trees being cut down for paper and envelopes and avoids any pollutants from waste printing ink etc. So instead Steve Credie (boss man) asked Reece (creative) to come up with a less wasteful, more 'cost-efficient' alternative. "Give it some impact, make it memorable...oh, and keep it festive," briefed Steve. "Leave it with me!" said Reece After several days of creative brain-power and toiling into midnight hours, this is the end result... Unfortunately we don't have time to change it. And if Steve Credie asks, you are unaware of the current whereabouts of Reece. Ok?


21 Jan 2010

Hi, the new Encoders are on the site so the video quality should be better next time you upload a clip. Cheers from

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27 May 2010
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06 May 2008
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02 Jan 2010
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30 Oct 2009
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03 Jun 2009
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27 Oct 2009
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05 Aug 2012
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14 Oct 2009