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by joeboysr 03 Nov 2009

Morethan4,Barry and Jeri Chiagouris along with Joe and Meri-Lynn Britz are "Morethan4" This CD "Cocolypso"is a slice of real Island folk music . Morethan4 is looking for some press and gigs we will post a few more songs and a video and you will be able to buy the CD thru our web/site which is being up-dated with this new info and will be ready the 2nd week in November.You can also drop us a not at or Face book and we will send ya copy of the CD.Please pass this along to anyone you feel would enjoy the real deal,Cocolypso by Morethan4 ..O-I almost forgot Barry put this together and did a fine job,I really like this ..Joe


The Rainpals  Reflexions

The Rainpals Reflexions

dvd cd mp3 mod pop new wave disco dance music video on sale online worldwide rpr... (more...)

by rainpals

08 Jul 2009
The Rainpals  Feel The Wind

The Rainpals Feel The Wind

dvd cd mp3 dreamy mod pop new wave music video rprrecords London UK (more...)

by rainpals

09 Jul 2009
Johnny BLK featuring Milk Dee

Johnny BLK featuring Milk Dee ...

JOHNNY BLK and MILK DEE battle for a hot girl's attention. Who will she choose? ... (more...)

by mcmilkdee

14 Sep 2009
Invisible Republic - Populate Manipulate

Invisible Republic - Populate ...

Manchester based Rock/Hard Indie/Funk/Whatever band Inviible Republic (more...)


16 Sep 2011

GOD LIVETH (Gospelsong by MASS...

Download Audio: FLASH UP UNU LIG... (more...)


08 Sep 2011
Rihanna - Only girl in the world
Amani Blue remix of Feel The Rush

Amani Blue remix of Feel The R...

This is anothr surreal video I made to a second @DjChef Remix of Amani Blue sin... (more...)


27 Mar 2012
I'm On My Way

I'm On My Way

acoustic ballad starring model Iwona Pilch (more...)

by garytipping

28 Aug 2010
TUKLAN live in Hamburg

TUKLAN live in Hamburg

Nigerian Year Book 2009/2010 Edition by Kenneth Gbandi (more...)


03 May 2010
Aye Que Rico - Michael Mayz Remix