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by taytay36 17 Oct 2009



19 Oct 2009

Cheerful !

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Video montage of Lt Colonel John Sheppard (Stargate Atlantis) (more...)

by KickAssSpaceBabe

14 Sep 2009
chicken veronique

chicken veronique

practical home cooking with Lesley cooks home made chicken veroni... (more...)


13 Jan 2010
James Rollins Talks Bloodline His Next Sigma Force Thriller

James Rollins Talks Bloodline ...

Immortality, would you want it if someone offered it to you? Are there immortals... (more...)

by cosproductions

26 Jun 2012
raising children

raising children

Unfortunately, kids don't come with an instruction manual. Thank goodness there ... (more...)

by raisingchild542

28 May 2015
 Modeling Company

Modeling Company

Visit today and get a first hand revi... (more...)

by talent5208

21 Mar 2015
Moon Landing Hoax Apollo 17 : Astronaut Says

Moon Landing Hoax Apollo 17 : ...

Astronaut Says "Lean Against Disney For Help" in The Nevada Fake Moon Bay. Th... (more...)

by ArcAngel4Myke

18 Apr 2010
Moon Landing Hoax Apollo 17 : Disney's Obvious Fake Dog Rock Wags

Moon Landing Hoax Apollo 17 : ...

Disney's Obvious Fake Dog Rock Wags. Astronaut Gene says "He's (Dog Rock) getti... (more...)

by ArcAngel4Myke

21 Jan 2010
Little Tricks

Little Tricks

Music video produced by for singer Pernille Leeloo. Appea... (more...)

by kaduffo

28 Oct 2010
Terra Fossil Broadcasting around the World!

Terra Fossil Broadcasting arou...

Terra Fossil speaks many languages... (more...)

by terrafossiltv

22 Jul 2009
Aye Que Rico - Michael Mayz Remix