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Mr Pregnant In Manhattan #3 Mangina


by mrpregnant 29 Sep 2009

Weird, Creepy, Funny, Crazy and Stupid, all the attributes of a hollywood sensation. Folk of the Web i Present Mr Pregnant. mrpregnant mr pregnant iran revolution Voter irregularity claims rejected Irans iran election authority fascist fascism tehran farsi arabic muslim christianity protest war middle east irag bush new world order reptilians evolution god delusion atheist experience militraty strike leaders militarism trigger happr israel likud party benjamin netanyahu war party elliot abrams state department ahmadinejad swine flu pandemic islam bordering delirium zionist zionism holocaust jews jewish chetori salam mrpregnant mr pregnant fascism anti semitism iran iranian middle eastern protest revolution President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ruling religious elite protesters weed cocaine drugs marijuana fingerpicking finger picking fingerstyle Ayatollah Ali Khamenei politician politics revolution hijab turkey afganistan alex jones david icke 911 attack cia fbi fingerstyle fingerpicking finger pick big brother trini mccain obama reptilians bush white house president atheist theist debate god delusion


19 Feb 2010

nice hat.

19 Dec 2009

Mr Pregnant? how far gone is he? 3 months, is it a boy or a girl or a monster? heheheehe!!!!!

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