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H1N1 Flu Vaccines Silent Thoughts Loud


by COAKD1 27 Sep 2009

Important update: Seems that many gov. operated You Tuber's & You Tuber's alike are not letting me post this simple video as a "video response" to their H1N1 videos. I only ask that you help me distribute this video as far & wide for more awareness. Down load it, up load it, email it, website it, blog it. I'm not interested in what you tube says are the so called "video views" for this video. I am highly psychic & aware that most things like You Tube are controlled in ways that the masses of the worlds population seem to ignore in their continuances. Thanks for your support. This video is a comical look at a very serious challenge facing most people right now. The swine flu or H1N1 vaccine is nothing to joke about. If your heart & mind is open you can view all sides of what seems to be coming into your home very soon. It's called, "Forced vaccinations". As a very aware being I can not stress enough that one way of successfully dealing with such possibilities also concerns your thought energy (all your memories, beliefs, emotions, intentions, imagination). Visualize you & those around you being completely safe from any gov. harm or undoings and do it often. If you like, visualize your whole country being safe from harms way as well. Visualize it all being as real as your physical reality! This ability may also be called remote influencing or RI, which you were already naturally born with. I'm not here to make anyone believe in RI, but at least I have already evolved such ability, which you can do or begin practicing right now if you chose to. Once your visualization is believed in your heart as your physical reality it is also your "physical reality experience".


30 Sep 2009

YouTube removed my account because of video's like this one

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