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Up in the Attic (New Hip Hop Movie)


by cipherkam 21 Sep 2009

It's as if the kids from Crooklyn moved to the suburbs and became teenagers. What will they get into now? Up in the Attic has much fun, laughs, sex appeal and a great overall theme. It's directed by Kamal Imani and will be released on DVD and select theatres on October 1st, 2009. For more information and updates go to Twitter Kamal Imani. Starring Jamian Jamal Blackmon, Jerseys Prince, Jarred Solomon, RawtalentIllWill, Perry Wynn, Tyron Saulsbury, Steven A. Robinson, Ericka M. Williams and More! Special guest appearances and cameos by Shubee and Yoda of the Crash Crew, Zulu, Chill Rob G (I got the power), DJ Cool Clyde, DJ Cisco, Champagne and more! Soundtrack Crash Crew, Lakim Shabazz, Maximus Parthas, Chill Rob G, Koffee, Kyss Major, Paula Perry, KamalSupremeAmen aka Kamal Imani, Champagne and more!




Meet Kenny Cousins, the elder cousin of Ben Cousins. Kenny's got the best ice in... (more...)

by redhumpytv

23 Jun 2012
One egg is an Oeuf

One egg is an Oeuf

The West Wing, Margaret tells a joke (more...)

by emileee

21 Jan 2013
funny animations

funny animations

made by me lots of weired and funny animations (more...)

by drew6607

06 Feb 2010
Bully rastet aus

Bully rastet aus

Was ist denn hier los? Bully rastet aus und verwüstet ein komplettes Büro. (more...)

by bully_rastet_aus

03 Sep 2012
Strongbow Bankers

Strongbow Bankers

Hard graft? Not a chance! Bankers finally get their comeuppance. (more...)

by irina87

23 Jun 2009
Noob Boyfriend

Noob Boyfriend

Don't bring a noob home to meet your parents! (more...)

by RetroDiva

14 Aug 2009
2.5 Jokes from Funkytv's finest.

2.5 Jokes from Funkytv's fines...

Sorry about this... Couldn't resolve a few editing issues... hence naff introduc... (more...)

by Johnny 1

14 Sep 2009
School Project
Mr Pregnant In Manhattan #3 Mangina

Mr Pregnant In Manhattan #3 Ma...

Weird, Creepy, Funny, Crazy and Stupid, all the attributes of a hollywood sensat... (more...)

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29 Sep 2009
Making of JUMP Now we have a party PART 3

Making of JUMP Now we have a p...

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05 Aug 2011