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God The Father Hidden in The Moon -as Revealed By Archangel Michael


by ArcAngel4Myke 19 May 2015

God The Father Hidden in The Moon -as Revealed By Archangel Michael -God Dressed as a Wizard Holding a Staff Stick -Many Faces of God -God Sitting on His Throne -God's Profile -God Riding His Horse -God With a Lamb -God's Portrait -God Relaxing -God Ready For Action -Light Coming Out of God's Stomach -God Standing Tall -God Hidden in The Shadows -Images of God Playing a Guitar -God Stretched Out in The Landscape -God's Creation of Adam Moment -God Playing a Guitar -God Playing a Guitar and Sitting on His Throne -God Standing and Giving The Shout of Command -God Laying Down and Contemplating -God Standing With an imposing Stance -The Word of God With a Double-Edged Sword Blade inside His Mouth -God in Action -God Standing and Ready For War Battle -God The Ancient of Days and The Father of Jesus -God With Light in His Chest -God Holding a Lamb -God With Light Coming From His Stomach -God Surrounded in Light -God Playing a Guitar -God Needing a Razor Shave -A Bearded God -God Brooding -God Surprised -God The Court Jester Joker -God Wearing a Hat -God Wearing a Suit of Armour -God With His Lover -God With His Arms Outstretched -God Steering The Moon -God's Face With Snow White Hair Music- 1812 Overture OP 49


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