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Channel 4 Sex Documentary.


by worthalot 31 Jul 2013

This has been on TV there with you showing Me Author Clive Worth who left school could hardly read or write, then became a down and out alcoholic and look at me now on a Adult Documentary on Sex Addiction, that was made by Channel 5 and called, My 100,000 Lovers and then Me on Paddy's TV Guide showing clips of me from my Channel 4 Documentary, Studs of Suburbia and Then a clip from Love Rat and Proud, made by Virgin One and now I got 4 books out about Me and these women I slept with, just type my name into Amazon books to see them but take note that this is how the media has portrayed me and I went along with it because I know that sex sells but this is not the real me.


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22 Oct 2010


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07 Dec 2010
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03 Oct 2012
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08 Nov 2009