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Robert De Niro (Enclosure Catwalk Show)


by theworld2 06 Feb 2012

London Model Network's Robert De Niro Catwalk Show at the AURA club in St James St. was a phenomenal success. An array of models posed before an adoring public and a legion of photographers wearing a selection of the most stunning, cutting edge designs to be seen in London this season from some incredibly daring designers. (Model own Creation own dresses & Charlie of London) The event started with much excitement outside the club as Robert De Niro, Marie Antoinette and Merlin lookalike celebrity guests stepped out of a limo accompanied by eight models as the camera Paparazzi men and women jostled for a place to get the best shots. The evening was punctuated by some amazing singing especially Preii Aziz. who had the whole club clapping dancing as she spun around the room belting out number after number. This show was all that is best about London. It had the communal feel of the '60s, the challenging sassiness of punk and the glorious diversity of the twenty first century. We were taken well into 2012 and beyond. The true cultural legacy of 2012 might be developing underground but if London Model Network continues to put on shows like this it will be spilling out onto the catwalks, sidewalks and pavements of the globe. We strongly advice everyone involved in the Robert De Niro (Enclosure Catwalk Show) Please send me a review and I will update the site and our website has jump up to 300 % visited to get more publicity. Please send me a review! best regards London Model Network


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