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Greenhouse-Effect-Songs Twitter 'Coke Snorting' Tight Hard Rock #Seo Bmi Music #Marketing.


by lxnola33 03 May 2011

142,035 Views - Youtube Video 2008 - Greenhouse Effect Rock the internet Hard with "Coke Snorting." The Long Drawn out tight hard rock song displays some fine tuned brilliant Guitar work from Phil Keegan to go with the technical drumming and Lead Singing from Clark-Haggans. The Los Angeles three piece band has successfully worked the internet in an explosion of unsurpassed WebTraffic that has inspired other artists to pursue the web as a simple effective way of Rock music band Marketing without touring, Playing endless gigs, or Fm Radio Airplay. "So many bands have emailed me because over the last ten years, everyone can see what G.e. has done for bands all over the web ,...they see that we were among the early Kings of this sorta thing and long ago" Says Haggans in 2008. At Google Video, G.e. has amassed huge airplay for their songs "Brandy" and "It Ain't Easy", scoring millions of video views and adding internet mp3 sales to their resume. At Youtube, "Brandy" has passed up it's quested goal of three million video views, astonishing even devoted watchers and listeners of the band. The "White Black Song" has been a huge success for Greenhouse Effect along with "Misogynistia" ( Shes A Bitch.....And Then You Live). "I don't know how long G.e. will last on here" Says Higgins in 2007 "I don't see it ending any time soon but I've seen more than a few of our hard worked accounts deleted,...and in the Process losing valuable airplay and potential sales as well as key blogs ,... a lot of people reading about G.e. is half the battle ,..they will sit there and learn about the band and our songs,..its critical,...and thats how we get them to listen and eventually buy shit..." Rock City promotions 2009.


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imogen heap, fast train home.....

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Urban Clothing Apparel

Urban Clothing Apparel

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Crash Test Dummies.. Mmm mmm mmm