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by talkthetalktv 28 Apr 2011

Here's a short generic motor yacht video from - video production. Filming motor yachts like this example is not without it's challenges. For one there's the risk of losing the camera equipment and sound gear overboard, second: salt water is not good for cameras or microphones - lenses are constantly hit by seawater spray and require immediate attention, third: the constant motion of the boat when moored is an obstacle to smooth steady shots, in addition when underway at speed the hard thumping of the hull against the water can be so tough as to break the viewfinder and other parts. We are experimenting with steady cam to over come some of the difficulties - new videos coming soon. If you're considering selling your yacht, motor yacht or other craft - why not consider advertising with online video, at less than a quarter page ad in a magazine? Please do get in touch if you'd like to know more - email me at mark at





by skinnymoe

31 Jan 2010
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VULVA Original - How to use

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by vivaeros

30 Nov 2009
Fern comes home

Fern comes home

fern comes home for xmas 2009 (more...)

by coxychris

30 Nov 2009
Heavy Equipment Sales & Rentals in Hawaii

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by ynnemuli2

23 Oct 2015
Plastic Surgeon Miami Fl - Interview with Dr. Nick Masri from Florida

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27 Oct 2013
Azul - The best drink on the planet.

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by vegan

06 Nov 2009
THE BEARD - (for Matt)

THE BEARD - (for Matt)

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by emileee

14 Jan 2009
WebProsperity. Presentación en español.

WebProsperity. Presentación en...

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by miproyecto

02 Feb 2009
Obama spoof

Obama spoof

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by Johnny 1

22 Jan 2009


Mantha the Pantha - game for a laugh ! (more...)

by Johnny 1

31 Dec 2008