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Greenhouse Effect Music "The White Black Song" W/ Hermosa Saloon Footage Bmi Music 2010.


by lxnola33 25 Mar 2011

422,994 Views - Youtube Video 2006 - Celebrity Internet - Greenhouse Effect Songs "White Black Thang" [ 1991 ] Los Angeles - Redondo Beach South bay. The infamous "White Black Song' is explosive for Redondo beach Mega-Rockers Greenhouse Effect and Clark Higgins 2007. The Top band at Youtube just celebrated their three Millionth Video View for their Song "Brandy" which is a track that Clark Higgins says is inspired by Morrisey , The Cure, and Nirvana !! "When I heard Nirvana Nevermind in about September, October 1991, I was so excited to see an indie band get into the mainstream scene..... I immediately wanted to write alternative music that was sorta like that ..... and right away, I immediately went and wrote "Brandy" in about November, Decmber 91' ,...that track was really inspired by Nirvana what with it's heavy guitars and Emo feel ,..but I also wanted a lot of some of the Cure, Morrisey, and Bauhaus ,...because I grew up back in the 80's listening to Kroq and kxlu ,...also old early Knac ,..before it went metal." - "Brandy" is a song that has launched G.e. into the World Wide stuff of Rock legends what with it's extremely gifted and catchy chorus "Are You making up your mind..... You know they do that all the time.." - "You can truely feel the pain and epic sadness in "Brandy" the whole song is just so riveting" Says Higgins. Hagins says that the song was written in honor of Cobain and Studio engineer "Wild" Bill Krodel because of his alcoholic quest for Brandy on the week ends; "Bill Krodel was a guy who really struggled with alcohol and I know that feeling because I was a guy who really had a hard time with booze and beer,....I really loved Corona Extra,....I couldn't stop" Says Haggins. Hagins quit all alcohol in September 1995 - Long after G.e. disbanded; "Kicking my alcohol problem was an important step for me to normalcy" Says Higgins "I was always taking off my clothes and running naked through my neighborhood,...and hitting on friend's sisters was emabarrassing when I was wasted and blacked out !! (Laughs) - Haggins says that the struggle to find a girlfriend in the South Bay (Redondo Beach California) was futile because he was always hammered on alcohol or weed; "I handled everything by getting fucked up,..thats how I lived from about 1983 until 1995,.... when I finally got sober, I met my wife of today in 1996 and I found a job cleaning swimming Pools with A To Z Pool and Spa in Torrance California in the summer of 96',.... I was 31,..and it was my first ever real job !!!! But my parents kicked me out and then I lived in San Pedro at this house where there were five other dudes renting rooms, was a real loser shack , was funny and pathetic ,..but as Neil Hamburger would say; Thats My Life !!" Since the entire world has now gotten a huge introduction to the existence of Hagins and Greenhouse Effect Music, ...things have never been the same for Hagins; "Now,...all people want to do is talk about G.e. and my songs ,...its like I'm not even real anymore ,..they never cared or wanted to talk about my music before,...but now, ..its 'always' the main topic." Ofcourse with a Mega Hit Song like "Brandy" all over the internet airwaves, Haggins doesn't worry about getting attention anymore for G.e; "We get plenty of attention now,..We get too much" Says Haggins "Sometimes, I just want it all swept under the rug..." - The "White Black" Song or "White Black Thang' as it is also known , another great internet song that people cannot believe is really G.e. - the same band that brought us all "Brandy" - "We have a diverse sound and a eclectic collection of musical songs,..." Says Higgins of his power three piece. Haggins says that one thing that has made him proud lately is that he has heard the members of Nirvana say that they 'refuse' to be inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame,...until Rush is inducted first; "When I heard that, it made me happy,....its well known that I do not like Dave Grohl at all,...but to hear him say that about Rush made me sorta pleased ,...I actually both Like and Respect Krist Novaselic as a person and bassist and believe it or not, I am a Huge Courtney love fan ,...I really love her Hole album "Live through this" A lot !! ,...they all say they will NOT GO into the Rock N Roll hall of Fame without Rush going in first !! That means a lot to me !!" Hagins ended up over time, legendary bitter that G.e. was never signed and had to 'build themselves' on the web with practically only the efforts of Hagins and former band Manager Jeffery Snowe alone.....never getting their cred for being early grunge innovators - long before Nirvana; "People know I'm bitter,.... People know that I hate Dave Grohl a lot,... hopefully someday, I can get over all of my hatred..." - The 'White Black' Song got it's start in March of 1991 as Bassist Rick Carmody came up with a riff and an intro that Higgins built upon shortly after the video taped beating of Rodney G. King; "I knew there was gonna be trouble then" Says Haggins "When we released that song in May of 1991, it was way ahead of it's time ,..People went ape-shit at what a "sound' it had with those Billy Krodel guitars and tones !!!" As of Mid-June 1991, Haggins claims to have sold 1000 Cassettes of "White Black Thang' just at Goboy Records in Redondo alone; "The South bay community always looked to me for Leadership - I was always the leader of every punk rock show in town,.... I was always organizing benefit concerts for years,...after a while it takes a toll ,..then Nirvana hit big in Late 91' and I thought that we were goinna' make it next - and huge,...but that never happened,..we never got signed and I ended up a Poolman , was pathetic ,..but thats the way that it goes , just have to live with what God gives you" Says Higgins. ROCK CITY PROMOTIONS BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS. 2006.


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