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Olga Stankevich


by Urbanfairy 17 Dec 2010

Taking listeners on a symphonic musical journey, Olga's music explores exciting new musical territory by taking classical and dance influences and reinventing them for a 21st century pop music audience. Influenced as much by Bach, Rachmaninoff, Brahms and Liszt as by modern day chart toppers Space and Robert Miles, her virtuoso playing - which she refined at St Petersburg's prestigious music college - shines through on every haunting piano note and demonstrates the sort of musical scope and ambition that draws inevitable comparisons with the early career of Jean Michel Jarre. Taken from Olga's forthcoming album 'Piano and the City: Dreamway', 'Inspiration' has already won the support of Armin Van Buuren, recently voted the world's number one DJ for the fourth consecutive year. Accompanied by a fast paced video set in her homeland, the track's unforgettable piano motifs draw the listener into her musical world. With her tracks having already created a remarkable buzz in the online community and with tens of thousands of people from all over the world visiting her site to sample her music, she seems certain to find a wider audience when she unleashes her talent on the UK and Europe this year.


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