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by talkthetalktv 04 Nov 2010

A short online web video from where Donald Blair of talks about the surface preparation solutions that Aquablast offers. Aquablaster is clean, cost effective and environmentally friendly. Wet abrasive is pre-mixed with fresh water under high pressure and applied via a lubricated, high-velocity, smooth-flow grit system. This achieves maximum impact and shot pattern, reducing abrasive-use by more than 50%. This reduction makes it cost-effective to use the more high-performance abrasives: garnet, olivine, recycled glass and synthetics giving even more efficient blasting. More efficient blasting means coatings last longer. Aquablaster saves you money every step of the way, including lower clean-up and disposal costs: even hoses and nozzles last six times longer than with dry-blasting. You can wash down, ready for priming, using the same nozzle. It makes Aquablaster spot on for spot blasting, fast for anti-fouling, brilliant for brickwork, great for graffiti, terrific for timber, and ripping for road markings. It'll tackle a tanker too- at around 18 square metres per hour. A 1000 litre Aquablaster ship repair yard unit runs all day on one fill. Meanwhile 100 and 200 litre units operate for over an hour- they come trailer-mounted or stand-alone- all of them are safe to use in hazardous areas. Aquablast have been solving surface preparation problems for 20 years. So call for a demonstration of Aquablaster, we'll show you how to blast almost anything without dust, along with the lowest grit-disposal and clean-up costs. Aquablaster from Aquablast- cleaner, safer, faster, cheaper on land and sea. To find out more visit, suffolk / essex video production by


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