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Don't cheat on your man


by FILMERFILMS 12 Oct 2010

Dont ever cheat on you boyfriend, if they find out they could take revenge and you could end up with a new and unwanted look ! This short video was made after Bert my friend for 30 yrs, found out his African live in girl friend had been cheating on him. Unfortunately I never really found out what happened to the tub of hair relaxent as Bert died of a sudden heart attack, although I did see his Ex at the funeral with a full head of hair. One of Berts last practical jokes. R.I.P. Mate


The People's Front

The People's Front

From Monty Python's The Life of Brian. (more...)

by emileee

23 Jan 2012
Mr Pregnant In Manhattan #14 Hey Doggy

Mr Pregnant In Manhattan #14 H... mrpregnant mr pregnant mr.pregnant mr,pregnant mr_p... (more...)

by mrpregnant

29 Sep 2009
Penthouse Magazine Official Site, Penthouse Pets !!

Penthouse Magazine Official Si...

- - See the sexiest women in the world in som... (more...)

by smoky8

23 Mar 2010
Banned commercial - Cute hot chick in bed with XFX!!!

Banned commercial - Cute hot c...

Leaked commercial that Big Corporate said no too -However the world must see thi... (more...)

by bannedfortelly

14 Oct 2009
In hope of a new dawn of Honesty

In hope of a new dawn of Hones...

This video aims at safeguarding Porn Industry from Corrupt Condom eaters and Sec... (more...)

by vrokardo47

25 Jul 2013
'Major outtakes'

'Major outtakes'

The Major from 'In the wrong home' has some difficulty with his facial hair in ... (more...)


06 Mar 2009


blackbooks compilation... (more...)

by ginger1

12 Feb 2010
The mind Reader

The mind Reader

Do what the video says and you will see I can read your mind. (more...)


08 Nov 2009
Drunk Kitty

Drunk Kitty

Drunk kitty (more...)

by emileee

22 Jan 2010
uncle baba and trouble with the other cleaner.....

uncle baba and trouble with th...

uncle baba has a cleaning job...but someone is already (more...)


19 Jan 2010