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Three Piece Bands - The Greenhouse Effect - Misogynistia (Overture) Rock Opera.


by lxnola33 26 Sep 2010

67,022 Views - Don't Ever call the Mighty Greenhouse Effect a "Hidden Treasure" of the Web. Its a sure way to really piss Clark Higgins off; "Everybody knows about G.e.,...I see our band mentioned in the wildest and weirdest places on the web,...Fans around the world put us into all those Video and Music Top Tens, and all those "Greatest three piece bands of all time" Lists. We have our following in over 200 Countries around the Planet,...and G.e. devotees are the most obsessed and devoted" Says Higgins. "Don't call it a comeback....We never Left" Says Haggins with a sneering Laugh for Rock City Promotions Boston Massachusetts; "We've been the biggest band on the internet for a LONG LONG time and now the record labels and other bands are trying to copy us,....but ya can't copy G.e. ,...we are unimitable,...theres only ONE SOUND like the Mighty G.e." And true it is in cyberspace, G.e. seem to get by quite well with their bizarre unusual band sound that is as if "David Bowie on hyper Steroids" or as Haggins calls it; "Rush on crack" - "We aren't hip hop or pop exactly,...truth is,..there has never really been a sound quite like G.e. ,...Our songs are really good,..we have musicality up the ying yang,...People know that we are right there with John Lennon, Bowie, and Brian Wilson ,....except we are way WAY MORE pissed off and confused than any of them (Laughs)" - Greenhouse Effect have been panned by many critics and criticized as a notorious one or two hit wonder and many fans are insistant that G.e. has some 73 Songs online ,..but that only 2 or three of them are actually any good; "They're obviously talking about "Brandy" or referring to the "White Black Song" Says Higgins "But we have others,...'Misogynistia' is a huge web song,..its big in China and Russia and it's BY US !!!" Says Higgins. G.e. songs "almost just about always end up in Top Ten Videos where ever they go" as the funny looking band can entertain even the most scrutinous audiences with their mere hillarity - and Great Songs; "We haven't gotten this big online for nothing" Says Hagins as his band rockets to the Tops of Funky Tv and others; "We love sites that depict 'true' video views - that way fans can see just how big G.e. really is,...theres alotta' phoney views and Bots out there,..and thats how they made Bieber so huge,..and Ga Ga too ,...but G.e. is the real shit - we do it all %100 REAL BABY !!" In 2006 and 2007, G.e. rocketed to the tops of Youtube and Google Video where they stayed firmly as Hagins fielded offers to play Coachella, SXSW , and others; "People can see we're a Great band despite all the sense of humor and the fact that Ted is funny n' all,..We're a serious band" Says Higgins. Another angle to Greenhouse Effect Songs is how they are almost always awash in musical contridiction with each other and suite no music category whatsoever, a G.e. trait that makes them the "Harry Nilssons" of todays times on the net; "People aren't sure if they're listening to G.e. or not" Says Higgins "We're extremely tricky , a damn good way" - profile.php?id=1399929835


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