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Teen Dollar$ "Snake" 1989 ! The Greenhouse_Effect.Songs Wikipedia Biography !


by lxnola33 22 May 2010

42,945 Views - Greenhouse Effect formed Sometime in Late 1985 to Early 1986 in Torrance California as Guitarist_Phil Keegan hooked Up with Former "Soul clinic" Bassist Rick Carmody and Drummer_Richard.Hebben. The Band would use Carmody's bedroom as a "Rehearsal space" - In 1987, Hebben Would Exit and former Soul clinic and Jim Mellon Quartet_Drummer.Clark Hagins (Also A Solo Home and studio Recording Artist) would join the three piece Band. Tensions would almost immediately boil as Keegan and Hagins battled for the Spotlight; Hagins rousing Drumming which was inspired by Keith Moon, as well as His Harry Nilsson-Robert Plant Vocals Vs. Keegan's manic Guitar and solos. The fragile band was 'held together' by the sturdiness (And flat out comic weirdness) of bassist_Rick Carmody !! The early jam sessions and Recordings were classics; "Precarious", Number One, and "Racers" marked the band as a revolutionary "New Sound" that seemed to be in conflict with both heavy metal "and" punk and Alternative-Rock. An early Single from march 1988 "The Magic man" instantly launched the band as an exciting "Songwriting' Group who seemed to want to be more on the Radio,..than at a Gig !! March 1989 saw the band record "Snake" along with the bizarre Stoner Rock of "A Current Affair" as well as the jazz/blues "Six Feet Under" ,..A Song which makes G.e. Legendary on the internet in the 2000-nds Millineum ..... "Snake" what with it's powerful and catchy chorus and song structure took G.e. in a whole new direction as the band displayed their passion for Songwriting even more than on the first album 1988's Global Warming,... - 1990 Saw the band record "Waiting for your Love to Fail",..a Song that would make G.e. Legit in punk rock circles ??? Yeah - Go figure !,....the ever evolving G.e. would never seize to amaze,...- Greenhouse Effect Wikipedia ; In September of 1990, the band would part ways with Keegan,..thats when in December 90', Hagins and Carmody recorded the Epic "America the beautiful..." When the band would,.. 657,023 Views - The Hilarious Big Teen Dollar$ (BTD) From September 1992 is a wacky musical Adventure and one of the Last Songs Ever recorded by The World's most Watched band - Los Angeles California's Greenhouse Effect and Clark-Higgins. The subsequent Album to Follow which would also contain "Theme" - the Dark instrumental and the Top hit "Brandy" as well as "Addicted" and the G.e. classic "Misogynistia" would combined with the E.p. "White Suburban liar$" (which included the title track) into G.e's.. final project; "The Rock Opera - White Suburban liar$" which is G.e. and Clark Hagins' masterpiece,.....the full-blown 16 Song album would atlast come in Late 1995,....with official Release at Goboy Records in Redondo Beach on June 6, 1996; "Go-Boy Records were HUGE supporters of my music always and they would blast my songs to people all day on their loud speakers and i remember they would tell me that people would walk into the store and be like :"Who is THIS ????" Says Clark Hagins. Today, Clark Hagins dominates the internet as he cleans Swimming Pools by day as "Abracadabra Pool and Spa" in San Marcos California but still struggles to Get his G.e. 'accepted' by the Culture of Major Labels in Hollywood and Los Angeles; "Its tough,....I've had some really dumb offers,....Several People have seen the Potential for "Brandy" in a movie Soundtrack or "Theme" but even today, lyrics can still offend, 1992, music was really shocking,.."Hey Negrita", Ben is Dead, and "White BlacK" were Very taboo,..even "Coke Snorting" and "A Current Affair",.....I am a really nasty guy - its true,...I'm like the NWA ,...but of White People,..." Hagins says that he simply tells it as it is and this has been the key to G.e's Massive internet Success of the last 8 years beginning in 2002; "My music is really watched and listened to and scrutinized by millions,....we are the real deal in a world full of absolute crap and worthless shit like Justin Beiber and Lady Ga ga" Says Hagins. "Brandy is Going to be a big Song in something,..its inevitable,..because so many people have heard it and love it,...and have downloaded it" says Hagins "It sounds simply incredible on the web at Jango Radio" - Greenhouse Effect have become the absolute World-Wide ambassadors of Redondo Beach as people from Ohio to Missouri to London to Tokyo gleefully inform Hagins on a daily basis of their love for G.e. Songs and blogs; "I always tell it like it is but I over-embellish too ,..and go too far and get too angry,...sometimes it can even make me feel bad and feel dizzy , I'm having a diabetic reaction,....when i think of the hate and revenge that is in my troubled heart" says Hagins "Back in the South bay, ..I got no respect,..and my people didn't like me way back then,....they like me now,...but it's too fucking late now,...what good does it do me now,...I'm 45 years old now !!" ROCK CITY PRODUCTIONS - WORCHESTER MASSACHUSETTS - SUPERNETCELEBRITIES.COM - 2009


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