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The Internet is for porn


by RetroDiva 16 Dec 2008

Music From Avenue Q Video from World of Warcraft


21 Dec 2010

jjajaja really fucking hilarious XDD
u should check my video its really funny too :3
heres the link hope u like it
would be nice if u could rate it good and subscribe me il subscribe you too and rate good alot of your videos ^.^

16 Dec 2008

You're a funny geezer

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Baron Soosdon - The Device Has Been Modified

Baron Soosdon - The Device Has...

World of Warcraft Machinima by Baron Soosdon. (more...)

by RetroDiva

31 May 2010
El Menudaso

El Menudaso

Fat lady in tights dances on tv. (more...)

by Rosy33

03 Jun 2009
Best Magician... Ever!

Best Magician... Ever!

A complete innovator in the field of Magic (more...)

by RetroDiva

15 Jun 2009
Cigarette Revenge

Cigarette Revenge

The battle for love (more...)

by koalatricks

01 Jun 2009
Funniest Midgets

Funniest Midgets

I can never stop laughing at this (more...)

by emileee

15 Jan 2009


Batman (more...)

by paul1

11 Sep 2009
sooulbrotha & suzy B underground radio show

sooulbrotha & suzy B undergrou...

a late nite talk show about urban lifestyles hip hop music gossip news comedy s... (more...)


25 Nov 2010
Funny Cats

Funny Cats

A selection of funny clips involving cats! (more...)

by RetroDiva

08 Jan 2009


4 my baby (more...)

by tailwhipt

20 Oct 2009
It's a thong!

It's a thong!

It's a thong!!! A short clip from Shrek 2. (more...)

by RetroDiva

14 Dec 2009