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by Liane 01 Dec 2008

Here is an excerpt from my book


21 Jan 2010

Hi, the new Encoders are on the site so the video quality should be better next time you upload a clip. Cheers from

04 Dec 2008

I want you to read all of the book to me! Right from the start you care about Teal and what happens to her. I can't wait to read more!

03 Dec 2008

You wait. It´s tense, exciting. You´ll laugh, cry and won´t be able to stop turning the pages.

01 Dec 2008

What happens next? I can´t wait to get the book and find out. Right from the start, the book is exciting and draws you straight in, wanting to know what´s going to happen to little Teal.

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ashfaq italy

ashfaq italy

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04 Feb 2009
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buy fine wine

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28 Apr 2015
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26 Mar 2009
ashfaq italy

ashfaq italy

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