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Moon Landing Hoax Apollo 16 : Two Stagehands Are Seen in The Fake Moon Bay Next To An Astronaut


by ArcAngel4Myke 22 Jan 2010

Two Stagehands Are Seen in The Fake Moon Bay, One Hands The Astronaut a List, Behind The Lunar Module. The Other Picks up Something off The Ground in Preparation For The Lunar Module Props Hidden Wires Lift-off in The Fake Moon Bay. After Picking up Something, The Stagehand Hides Again Behind An Area To The Right of The Lunar Module. Astronaut John says at 1:57 "Your giving me that linen(list with numbers on it) aren't you Houston? Tony at Houston replies "Yea I sure am, you've got about 20 seconds"(till the Astronaut reaches the Stagehand standing by the leg of the Lunar Module) Astronaut John says at 2:05 "I just got a picture of one of the great moments in history Houston" Tony at Houston replies "How's that?" (Astronaut John sees a group of VIPs gathered & hiding to the right (VIP Site), & also a Stagehand close by picking up an item off the ground & hiding behind an object, in preparation for the soon to come Fake Lunar Module prop's wires lift-off) At 2:13 a voice is heard saying "Cut" as the Time-Marker where the two different cameras TV video merges. Astronaut John says at 2:15 "Charlie look in down at the crater that, (Astronaut John laughs)there be, there be, 25, 30 feet....clear"(Astronaut John tells Charlie to look at the sight of a group of VIPs gathered & hiding to the right (VIP Site), and also the Stagehand close by picking up an item off the ground and hiding behind an object) At 2:21 as Astronaut John reaches the stage-hand waiting for him by the Lunar Module leg, John takes the numbers list off him, Tony at Houston says at the same moment "OK mark, got it" Then Astronaut John says "clear" Tony at Houston replies "Go ahead Gene"(Tony at Houston tells the Stage-hand Gene to pick something up to the right, so he will be seen in view of the second TV camera) Then Astronaut John starts to read the numbers off the list. At 3:14 The other Astronaut, Charlie, is seen running over to the Lunar Module where Astronaut John is waiting. All this time Astronaut Charlie was close to the rover, around the area of where the two different TV cameras were watching. Shortly after in the time-line he runs over to the Lunar Module where Astronaut John is waiting. This video as you hear & see it, is located for download at NASA site: Apollo 16 Video Library VIP Site Journal Text: 170:45:07 RealVideo Clip: (3 minutes 18 seconds) Journal Text: 170:48:20 RealVideo Clip: (3 minutes 21 seconds) NASA Top Secret video taken of the two Stagehands seen in the Fake Moon Bay with the Astronaut, was provided originally by a YouTube user called 'rudbrps' & loaded on YouTube June 15, 2007. 'rudbrps' now reveals himself to be 'Svector', and that he created the video as a social experiment in how people can be tricked. However unfortunately for 'Svector' this different TV camera angled NASA video merges perfectly in conversation and action with the direct NASA file video, to reveal a hoax of a hoax, the irony is strange, so who is playing a joke on whom, and who is 'Svector's handler. NASA did redacted editing & cleaning up of the text, to cover what they really said in the written records of the Astronauts conversations. ALL NASA FOOTAGE USED IN THIS FILM IS PUBLIC DOMAIN. THE USE OF ANY COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL IS USED UNDER THE GUIDELINES OF "FAIR USE" IN TITLE 17 107 OF THE UNITED STATES CODE. SUCH MATERIAL REMAINS THE COPYRIGHT OF THE ORIGINAL HOLDER AND IS USED HERE FOR THE PURPOSES OF EDUCATION, COMPARISON, AND CRITICISM ONLY. NO INFRINGEMENT OF COPYRIGHT IS INTENDED.


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