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About Me

Single chap. Bored.



Turton High School for Urchins & Waifs

Interests and Hobbies

Collecting tadpoles. Chewing on frogs.

Favourite Movies/TV Shows

The Rock, Collateral, The Mummy.

Favourite Books

Terry Pratchett

Audioslave, Shadow on the Sun, Collateral soundtrack

Audioslave, Shadow on the Sun,...

Audioslave, Shadow on the Sun. Collateral. (more...)

20 Jan 2011
Collateral soundtrack Grove Armada - Hands of Time

Collateral soundtrack Grove Ar...

Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise. Great film. Cruise's best ever role. (more...)

20 Jan 2011
Zulu - Main Title, Richard Burton

Zulu - Main Title, Richard Bur...

Excellent film. The Richard Burton bit gets upto the defence of Rorkes Drift and... (more...)

31 Dec 2010
Zulu - Men of Harlech, Michael Caine and Stanley Baker

Zulu - Men of Harlech, Michael...

Quality film. Great song. Makes you proud to be a Brit ! (more...)

31 Dec 2010
Nelly - Just a Dream

Nelly - Just a Dream

Not bad. (more...)

21 Dec 2010