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About Me

Have been: engineer, soldier, salesman, accountant, etcetera, at present doing some internet marketing and enjoying it. Married to Eileen, have 2 daughters: Joanne and Melanie, and 3 cats: Charlie, Tommy, and Jack, in age order.



Internet Surfer at Billeen Services Limited



Interests and Hobbies

Movies, Science Fiction, Astronomy (Strictly Amateur), Gadgets, Computers (non-techie), People, Cats.

Favourite Movies/TV Shows

The War of the Worlds (1953)

Favourite Music

Many & varied

Favourite Books

Edgar Allan Poe

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Maggie and Daniel in Harmony???

Maggie and Daniel in Harmony??...

Impromptu outburst of musical magnitude.... (more...)

03 Feb 2009


This may assist folk who aspire to earning a little extra cash online. Everybod... (more...)

03 Feb 2009